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Over at [community profile] multikinkmemes, we have a Sentinel post with sixty slash, het and gen prompts waiting for you to fill or add more prompts.

If you've never participated in a kink meme be sure to read the comm rules and follow them. In order to be inclusive kinks are pretty broad. There's hard core kinks but mildly sexual prompts like kissing or romance are fine. Narrative tropes are also included like mpreg, h/c, amnesia, kidfic, etc. Basically, anything that you define as a story kink that you enjoy is acceptable. That way gen folks can play too.

You don't need a DW account to join in. Just post anonymously (or sign your comment if you want to claim your fill rather than leave it anonymous). There's no length requirement or deadline. So drop in whenever, drop off or pick up a prompt and post a fill whenever you're done. You can even post your own prompt and fill it yourself if none of the others appeal to you.

So come check us out, read the rules, and see if you want to play too. Readers and commenters are just as important as writers to make this a fun fandom experience!

Just a reminder because I know you'll read the rules, right? There's no kink shaming allowed in the comm or you'll be banned. If something's not to your taste, pass on by. There's bound to be something else that suits you better.
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It's here at last – sign-ups are open for the first Sentinel Big Bang. There's something for everyone: you can sign up as an author and write wonderful fiction; you can sign up as an artist and illustrate one of those stories ("art" in this context is not limited to pictures - it can be vids, fanmixes, or anything else that's web-postable) or you can sign up as a cheerleader and help our authors reach their goal.

Author signups are here (signups are open until April 21):

Artist signups are here (signups are open until September 13):

Cheerleader signups are here (signups are open until April 21):

Yes, you can sign up for more than one of these if you want to!

I've also posted a "Plot bunnies for adoption" post here:

This is where I encourage everyone to share prompts and story ideas to help any authors who want to take part but need to kick-start the muse a little.

I have created a "mirror" community for Sentinel Big Bang on Dreamwidth: [community profile] sentinelbigbang This will serve as a backup in case LJ falls over on a key date or LJ's overlords decide to ban fandom get the picture. You're welcome to join or follow the challenge on Dreamwidth, but all posts will redirect to the LJ community [ profile] sentinelbigbang for commenting, because most of the participants primarily use LJ and I want to keep comments and discussion in one place. (If we have enough Dreamwidth people next year, I'll switch and make LJ the mirror.)

For anyone who missed the earlier announcements, here's the more detailed explanation of what the Big Bang challenge is all about:
Mission Statement - What's a Big Bang and how does it work?
How to combine Big Bang and Moonridge
Challenge Schedule
Big Bang Rules
Big Bang FAQ
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Hi all, thanks so much to everyone who has joined so far - it's lovely to see so many familiar and unfamiliar names of sentinel fans on our list of members. If anyone else wants to step up, say hello and tell us what's happening in your corner of the TS fandom, that'd be great! Tell us about your fics, your icons, your vids, give us recommendations, anything you like!

I've been a bit distracted by offline stuff the last couple of days, but weekend is on the horizon (yippee!) so I aim to do some tidying up of the community then, including changing the yucky colour-scheme and adding the long-promised list of TS Dreamwidth links. Your patience in the meantime is very much appreciated :-)

It's been suggested that to help us launch, it might be fun to have fic challenges and the like. To start things rolling I'm of the mind that it'd be good to make the community somewhere that is a visually attractive place to be, so I was thinking that it might be nice to have a banner to put at the top of the page. I am rubbish at doing such things, however, so does anyone fancy having a go? What do you think? As I understand it, it needs to be of certain dimensions, which I saw in a post I have totally lost the link to, so if anyone knows the necessary size could you please step up and let us know? If we end up with more than one banner, we could rotate them to keep it looking fresh! Likewise, how about a nice icon or two for the community? Jim's chest is a lovely sight to behold, for sure, but I'm sure you creative people could come up with something even nicer...

Once we've prettied the community up, then we can all go out and pimp, pimp, pimp to make sure all our TS friends from elsewhere can find us! In fact, feel free to do that anyway :-)


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