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Title: Tea-Totally
Author: Sally M
Challenge: #529
Category: genslash
Summary: Written for [profile] sentinel_thurs, it's all about tough love...

Can be found here...

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Title: Near Alfred's Pond
Author: Sally M
Type: gen
Summary: Stories have power...
Written for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2014, and can be found here...

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I was recently contacted by a former TS fan who remembered my name from long ago, asking if I would advertise some TS memorabilia for her. I can't attest to her bona fides, obviously, but the tone of her communication seems friendly and genuine. Buyer beware and all that. :-)

This is from Velaike's PM to me:

I have 10 scripts (copies of scripts--not originals). These are not items that I'm going to keep and continue to copy; I'm just really hesitant to toss them out when there might be someone out there interested in them.

Titles include:

The Pilot
Three Point Shot
Sweet Science
Sentinel, Too, Pt. 1
Sentinel, Too, Pt. 2
Dead End on Blank Street
The Waiting Room
The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg

I'd like $7 a piece for them, to help cover postage, PayPal fees, etc.

If anyone is interested, they can PM me through my LJ [ profile] velaike. Alternatively you can email velaike at yahoo dot com. This offer is open until the end of October 2014.
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Sentinel Thursday's 500th prompt is coming up, and to celebrate we have a post for people to comment about their favourite stories and authors featured in the comm. Whether you're a writer or a reader, please come along and tell us your favourites. If you're a writer who's contributed to the comm, think about letting us know your favourites of your own stories too.
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Well, at last the 30 days of exclusivity for our Moonridge donators is over, and Panik and I have been able to post our new, previously unseen, collaborative story at AO3.

You can find Decimated here:

It is slash and contains violence. Please do note the tags, which should serve as warnings in themselves, and please note that the subject matter may be upsetting for some. Panik and I are lovers of twisted angst, and this fic is pretty much angst squared. Read, therefore, at your own risk!
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Just wanted to let people know there's been a new fill over at [community profile] multikinkmemes for the prompt: Blair's face is so expressive that, even with the gag in, Jim can tell what he’s thinking. It's got a neat little twist to it so check it out.
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There are fannishly inclined people out in the big wide world who don't know about The Sentinel, so I'm doing an overview for the Whumpable comm on Dreamwidth. Might I have your favourite h/c moments in canon?

I will cross-post this to TS-Talk and my personal journal, so apologies if you see it more than once. :-)
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I'm planning on making a change to how Sentinel Thursday on LJ is organised. This post explains.
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For anyone reading who's not familiar with the Fan Cake rec comm, Merlin has been busy there recently.

FanCake TS tags
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I know that anyone following this comm almost certainly knows about this, but first of all, the TS Reverse Bang has just finished.

Reverse Bang 2012 Master List.

Secondly, I will be reccing TS at [community profile] fanart_recs in June. I'm just going to go with the minimum four recs, to give me or any other DW TS fans (hint) plenty of options for another go.
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Also, I just realized we had a DW feed for Artifact Storage Room 3: [syndicated profile] asr3_feed! \o/
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Hey all! As some of you may have heard, AO3 recently added the option to subscribe to fandom feeds. I've created one for The Sentinel on DW: [syndicated profile] sentinel_ao3_feed. The feed lets people track all the new Sentinel stories posted on AO3.

There's also a list of other fandom feeds on [community profile] ao3some.
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I have a new website. It's up to date with all my stories and fandoms, down to the last drabble (of which there are a few).

Elaine set this up for me, using the e-fic software. That means that you can search and sort within the site to find what you're looking for. The print on the front pages is a little small in some resolutions, but the text is bigger inside the story files themselves, and there is always the zoom function if needed. Thank you to Elaine for the hard work involved here, and to ElmyraEmilie for the pretty banner.

Elaine will put redirection messages on my old site, and it will come down in a day or two. Please change your bookmarks. I'm announcing this everywhere, so I'll offer apologies to those of you who will have their TS hangouts well and truly spammed.
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fancake banner for round 13 soulbonding: thematic multi-fandom recs

Head over and rec some favorite TS sentinel/guide bonding fics! We ought to pwn this theme with one hand tied behind our monitors. *g*
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Do you enjoy discussing the characters, episodes, plots, etc?  Were you one of those people passionately putting forth your viewpoints when we put up the episode analyses last year at  TS Talk on LJ?  Well, we have a meta just for you!

[personal profile] snycock  and I just posted "The Essential Sentinel", a project that includes the 25 episodes we think are the most influential of the show.  We did this as part of the Sentinel Big Bang [info]sentinelbigbang, which has just ended. 

Each episode has its own post and we invite you to come over and check it out.  You are free to read whichever one(s) you wish and comment as much as you wish.  In addition, Lyn Townsend has created a collage for each episode, as well as banner pages.  So you can get some eye candy while you contemplate our opinions and put forth your own.  Here's where you'll find the goods:

The project announcement at TS Big Bang  

The Essential Sentinel project on Dreamwidth  

The Essential Sentinel project on Live Journal

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I was weeding out some old fanmixes and ran across Jizzed in my Pants and realized that would be comedy gold for Jim 'the most sensitive man in America' Ellison. I can just see clips of Jim kissing Carolyn, Laura, Alex, etc. Then there's the breeze, which I remember from a fic where Jim says, "I'm a sentinel. A breeze gets me in the mood." *g* You can watch the official vid on Youtube here. What do you think? Am I right?

Anyone else come across songs in the past few years that would make great Sentinel vids? I've been wanting a vid to Missionary Man by the Eurhythmics for years. I can see Naomi telling Blair to keep away from the cops. Although I suppose Blair could be the missionary man too.
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There's been another fill at the TS [community profile] multikinkmemes post. It's Jim and Blair being happy and wrestly in bed, with bonus spanking. Check it out!

Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Spanking
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If you haven't checked out The Sentinel Kink Meme over at [community profile] multikinkmemes yet you're missing some great fills. Come read the five awesome fics (so far), comment, browse the prompts, leave your own, be inspired!
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Over at [community profile] multikinkmemes, we have a Sentinel post with sixty slash, het and gen prompts waiting for you to fill or add more prompts.

If you've never participated in a kink meme be sure to read the comm rules and follow them. In order to be inclusive kinks are pretty broad. There's hard core kinks but mildly sexual prompts like kissing or romance are fine. Narrative tropes are also included like mpreg, h/c, amnesia, kidfic, etc. Basically, anything that you define as a story kink that you enjoy is acceptable. That way gen folks can play too.

You don't need a DW account to join in. Just post anonymously (or sign your comment if you want to claim your fill rather than leave it anonymous). There's no length requirement or deadline. So drop in whenever, drop off or pick up a prompt and post a fill whenever you're done. You can even post your own prompt and fill it yourself if none of the others appeal to you.

So come check us out, read the rules, and see if you want to play too. Readers and commenters are just as important as writers to make this a fun fandom experience!

Just a reminder because I know you'll read the rules, right? There's no kink shaming allowed in the comm or you'll be banned. If something's not to your taste, pass on by. There's bound to be something else that suits you better.
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