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There are fannishly inclined people out in the big wide world who don't know about The Sentinel, so I'm doing an overview for the Whumpable comm on Dreamwidth. Might I have your favourite h/c moments in canon?

I will cross-post this to TS-Talk and my personal journal, so apologies if you see it more than once. :-)
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Do you enjoy discussing the characters, episodes, plots, etc?  Were you one of those people passionately putting forth your viewpoints when we put up the episode analyses last year at  TS Talk on LJ?  Well, we have a meta just for you!

[personal profile] snycock  and I just posted "The Essential Sentinel", a project that includes the 25 episodes we think are the most influential of the show.  We did this as part of the Sentinel Big Bang [info]sentinelbigbang, which has just ended. 

Each episode has its own post and we invite you to come over and check it out.  You are free to read whichever one(s) you wish and comment as much as you wish.  In addition, Lyn Townsend has created a collage for each episode, as well as banner pages.  So you can get some eye candy while you contemplate our opinions and put forth your own.  Here's where you'll find the goods:

The project announcement at TS Big Bang  

The Essential Sentinel project on Dreamwidth  

The Essential Sentinel project on Live Journal

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I may be inciting a debate here, but one of the things that I've found is that the fic in the fandom featuring Naomi tends to be very polarizing -- either she's evil or (in the slash fics especially) she's so happy Blair and Jim are together and, as a result, she doesn't seem real. My question, then, is: am I misremembering that she was only in two episodes? Or is some of the basis of her characterization strictly off of what Blair says about his childhood? If the latter is true, in what eps does Blair talk about his childhood?

I realize everyone has their opinion of Naomi; I'm not going to disagree with that. I'm just trying to come up with my own perception of her so I can write her more effectively, and I need the canon basis for that.

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This is a crosspost of something I did for TS talk on LJ. I don't see why I couldn't pop something in here too, to fill out a DW comm. :-)

At the Gmail TS chats, the regulars had the bright idea to resume episode summaries and discussion. This has happened before in this comm, with fans dutifully beginning at the beginning of the series, and then running out of enthusiasm or time before getting much past the end of season two. (Check out the calendar archives for this comm around 2006-2007 for previous discussions.) For that reason Snycock and I had the idea for people who want to take turns at writing ep discussions to just pick an episode. This means of course that the fan-favourite eps are going to go first, but is that such a bad thing?

It also means that I'm going to start with 'Warriors', Jen is following up with an ep next week, and then we have to figure out with what system to carry on if other people (who certainly don't have to be chat regulars) are interested in picking up an episode. It goes without saying, surely, that eps will be spoiled in these recaps/discussions.

Warriors thoughts under here )

TS Meta

Jul. 2nd, 2009 09:14 am
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Hi all, I have some some rather indeterminate meta about what Blair and Jim might have been thinking about in relation to privacy and consent issues in relation to Blair's sentinel study.

Bev, may we have a meta tag please? :-)


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