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[personal profile] carodee is now on Dreamwidth. Caro has written a few good TS stories in her time and if you're out and about on Dreamwidth, why not go and say hello?
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Who: JustJeanette
Where: LJ, DW, FFN, BrothersInArms, MTCA, Ashwinder, HP Fictionally
What: Fic, Filk and other silliness
Why: The Sentinel, Due Suuth, NCIS, Harry Potter, Supernatural. I also commit crossovers.
When: Ever I get attacked by plot bunnies
How: I read therefore I also write. Also, unlike many of my favorite authors I can not write anywhere near as fast as I can read; hence the mulitple fandoms.

Sentinel Fic I have written:
Trapped in Time Blair is trapped in a moment in time. (gen)

Going Home Alternate ending for TSbyBS. WARNING: Death of a major character. (gen)

The Gabriel Tales (gen)

The hard part of a miracle

Be grateful for your Guide.

Kiss Getting kidnapped is as good an excuse as any to kiss. (slash)


May. 6th, 2009 06:54 pm
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Hello there! *waves*

I'm [ profile] soft2smooth2000 at LJ too, and have been a TS fandomer since 04'...

It's such a wonderful Fandom full of wonderful people. We're definitely a happy place to be! ^_^ Thank you so much [personal profile] fluterbev for creating this comm so we can all mingle and find eachother.

We need celebratory Fics! :winkwinknudgenudge:
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Yes, it's the obligatory  intro post!

I'm gillyp at LJ but my DW/writer-name is [personal profile] panik . I've been completely and entirely obsessed by Jim and Blair since 04, been writing TS fic since 05. I'm currently finishing up a fic that's been 2 years in the writing, about to start serious work (cue hollow laugh) on a fic for Moonridge which I'm co-writing with that most estimable of doxies, [personal profile] fluterbev .

Urm. That's it, I think. ::waves feebly. grins embarrasedly::
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It always feels like I'm writing my own epitaph when I do an online 'introduce yourself' post.

Okay. *cracks knuckles*

Like many 'old-timers', I got into fanfic thanks to Star Trek. I enjoy a variety of fandoms, though, and I've been writing and posting Sentinel fic since late '02. I came to TS via the fic and didn't see TS until after my first posted TS fic- *cringes* -but after falling in love with the characters, I had to write them! lol

I don't exactly know how many TS fics I've written by this point - I know it's a bunch. I'm probably most infamous *snerk* for my giant crossover series that pairs Blair with new sentinel Alex Krycek. There's nothing like fanfic for when you think canon has done yo' babies wrong! *g*
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I think it was a great idea for Bev to set up this community! ::waves:: Makes it so much easier to find all of you.

Thanks to [personal profile] snycock  I'm now [personal profile] earth2skye  here just as on LJ (and on yahoo), just "Skye" when I'm writing.

I just spent quite a while on setting up my new DW "studio" even though, like most of you, I'm not sure I'll actually move here or anything. I just couldn't not fiddle with it. So I imported my LJ, fixed the links in my Master Story List and arranged the colors of my journal to something more pleasing to my eyes.

Whatever happens, it's good to have a second base in any case, I guess, and whereas I never really fell for IJ or GJ or whatnot, I do think DW has the chance to become an even firmer base in fandom than LJ ever was. Until then, I don't know how much time I'll spend here or over at LJ. I suppose time will tell.

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hey there - i'm [personal profile] boogieshoes , same person as on lj. i've been a Sentinel fan since 95 or 96. yes, i'm an oldie here, although i know a few fans who even pre-date me!

i'm not really going whole hog on DW yet; haven't even imported any entries from LJ, but i have a suspicion DW may become my 'fannish journal', since most of fandom seems to be decamping here.

fair warning, i love literary analysis and taxonomical type discussions, so if i say something that seems... picky, please view it in that light.

i want to thank flutterbev for setting up the community - awesome idea.



May. 4th, 2009 11:32 pm
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Well, I whined enough that a number of people took pity on me and sent me an invite. You all know who you are, and I thank you very much. I don't think I'll use DW much, but it's good to have a backup, just in case.

I have no idea yet how to join anything or how to add people to a circle, but feel free to add me so I can find you.

Thanks, Bev, for creating a community where we could find one another.


May. 4th, 2009 10:19 pm
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*waves*  Hey, all.  I run [community profile] ts_newsletter, the Sentinel newsletter, which is crossposted just about everywhere.  :-)  I'll definitely be watching this community for links, but if you see something pop up elsewhere please let me know!

I fell into the TS fandom years ago and pretty much lurked forever.  It wasn't until I started the newsletter that I started interacting in anyway with other Sentinel fans.  This is an awesome fandom and I love being in it.  I read mostly slash, with the occasional sprinkling of gen.  I think Jim/Blair is great, but I could persuaded to mix it up as long as both the guys are happy!

I am a fandom magpie, so I do tend to fall in love with the new shiny, but I rarely leave a fandom behind. The more, the merrier is my motto!


May. 4th, 2009 10:45 pm
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*waves at everyone*  This is a great idea, Bev!

I've been a fan of and writing in TS since 2006, which makes me a babe in the woods in TS fandom!  *g*  I actually didn't even watch the show during the first run, but I'm in love with it now.

I'm snycock on LJ as well.  I moderate a community there, giveandtakets, which is a yearly prompt exchange and fic writing challenge.  I also organize and run the weekly TS chat on Yahoo Messenger Saturdays at 7 pm GMT (your time zone may vary). 

I like and watch a lot of TV shows, but I haven't felt pulled into fandom by any of them the way I was with TS.  I've been reading a little in Supernatural (Dean/Castiel), and I'm starting to get a serious squee on for Merlin.  I'm also a fan of the Swordspoint stories. 

I'm glad to see a little corner of DW getting Sentinelized!  :-)  


May. 4th, 2009 09:40 pm
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So nice to have a little corner of Dreamwidth to call our own!

I've read, written and beta'd (betaed? I'm never sure) in TS for quite a while now. It was my second fandom, the first being Highlander. Though I've wandered on since then, I still read TS and follow along from the fringes.

Good to see all of you!


May. 4th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Is where the Fandom Hangs Their Fargo Hats *vbg*

The Sentinel is one of my oldies but always Great fandoms.  I've read Sentinel fanfic voraciously for many, many, blue moons.  I read everything and anything.  Squick?  What's that??  *g*  My favorite variation however is hurt/comfort goodness, friendship, and all around brotherhood-team-call-it-what-you-will smooshiness.

I beta read regularly for a few writers and I'm always happy to take on a few more. (I have a PoKeY Stick and know how to use it!)  I've also been known to create illios/art work for zines when writers are in need.  Feel free to ask for a beta, a manip, or just chat -me up to plot "what if's" about our wonderful characters.

I'll be crossposting as spacepixell to both LJ and DW since I enjoy a long list of buddy-buddy and/or team fandoms. *points you in the direction of my profile instead of cluttering up the comm*  As long as I keep up with the wonderful fic and fan-fun, I'm a happy camper.



Hey Now

May. 4th, 2009 04:10 pm
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I've been hanging around in TS for a while now. Watched the show during it's original airing. but didn't even know what a fandom was then.
The people are the absolute best thing about this particular fan base and no matter where my interests go The Sentinel is always home for me.
Oh, and I make icons for TS all shareable.
The Sentinel Icon Gallery
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Hello, I am The Authoress a.k.a. Karie. I've been a Sentinel fan since 2006 and have been writing since longer than that. My journal on Dreamwidth will be my fic from The Sentinel and NCIS fandoms. I still have much to do, like fluterbev I have many links to fix since importing the journal here. I also have several stories hiding in the depths of my mind still left to write.

I am a slash fiend when it comes to The Sentinel and Jim and Blair are my one true pairing. I'm sure I will have more to say later. But I'm glad I'm here now.


May. 5th, 2009 07:56 am
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It's maybe a little silly of me to post, given that I know nearly everyone on the membership list - but then I don't know absolutely everyone and Bev would like the place to look lived in. :-)

Hi, I journal as Mab Browne here and on Live Journal. I've been happily obsessed with Jim and Blair for six years, and writing fanfic about them for five and a half years. By TS standards, this makes me something of a newbie...*g* I also write a little bit in The Professionals fandom, and I read fairly widely in a variety of other fandoms. I prefer slash, but I'm open to a good gen, het or fem-slash story too.

Major interests besides TS and Pros include Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, Blakes 7, Elfquest, Sapphire and Steel, and also books and reading in general. I like history, with a particular jones for the nineteenth century, mainly the UK's history, although I'd like to explore the USA in that regard as well.

I moderate the community [ profile] sentinel_thurs on Live Journal, and have set up a sister-comm here on D-width, [community profile] sentinel_thursday. We'll see how that goes, since new environments create new situations. :-)
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So! Since I set this up I'll get the ball rolling with a hello.

Sentinel-fan since approx 2001, writer of fanfic (gen and slash) since 2003, compulsive blogger on LiveJournal since 2004, and hoping to get just as involved over here, if not more. I use the same user-name everywhere. Feel free to subscribe to my DW, and I'll most likely subscribe back.

I also have a fic journal on LJ, which I've copied over here to [personal profile] fluterbev_fic. I still have a lot of work to do making all the story links lead back to Dreamwidth, and also to consolidate all my multi-part fics into fewer parts for ease of reading. I just love the bigger posting limit at Dreamwidth!

Right then, over to you!


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