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Thanks so much to [personal profile] mab_browne  who stepped up to the plate as co-mod. I'm heading off now to bonnie Scotland for a week, so I'll leave you all in her capable hands!
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Apologies to all for being mostly moderator in absentia of late. I am very happy to see people using the community, and hope it continues to be a meeting place for TS fans at Dreamwidth. It's really nice to see you all here!

However! My life is, um, rather insane right now, and my online time is very limited at the moment, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in stepping forward as co-mod?

Please register your interest below. Comments are screened, and it may be a few days before I get back to you as I will be offline for the next week or so. But all offers of help will be gratefully received :-)
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Hi all, thanks so much to everyone who has joined so far - it's lovely to see so many familiar and unfamiliar names of sentinel fans on our list of members. If anyone else wants to step up, say hello and tell us what's happening in your corner of the TS fandom, that'd be great! Tell us about your fics, your icons, your vids, give us recommendations, anything you like!

I've been a bit distracted by offline stuff the last couple of days, but weekend is on the horizon (yippee!) so I aim to do some tidying up of the community then, including changing the yucky colour-scheme and adding the long-promised list of TS Dreamwidth links. Your patience in the meantime is very much appreciated :-)

It's been suggested that to help us launch, it might be fun to have fic challenges and the like. To start things rolling I'm of the mind that it'd be good to make the community somewhere that is a visually attractive place to be, so I was thinking that it might be nice to have a banner to put at the top of the page. I am rubbish at doing such things, however, so does anyone fancy having a go? What do you think? As I understand it, it needs to be of certain dimensions, which I saw in a post I have totally lost the link to, so if anyone knows the necessary size could you please step up and let us know? If we end up with more than one banner, we could rotate them to keep it looking fresh! Likewise, how about a nice icon or two for the community? Jim's chest is a lovely sight to behold, for sure, but I'm sure you creative people could come up with something even nicer...

Once we've prettied the community up, then we can all go out and pimp, pimp, pimp to make sure all our TS friends from elsewhere can find us! In fact, feel free to do that anyway :-)
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Twenty-four hours in, and already we have 44 subscribers - living proof that the TS fandom is thriving, even in this new venue!

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined, and thanks also to everyone who has posted to say hello. If anyone else feels like stepping up to the plate, please do! You are all, every single one of you, very welcome, and we'd all love to hear from you.

I am aiming to get a post of links to Sentinel-related places on Dreamwidth up soon, so to ensure that I cover it all I am asking for your help. If you know of any TS or TS-related communities on Dreamwidth, I'd be really grateful if you'd comment below with a link to the community, and a brief description. I'll use any info you give me to help me build a much-needed master list.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello all! This is a meet-and-greet community for all fans of The Sentinel who have migrated to Dreamwidth.

You can post here just to say hello and meet other TS fans under your Dreamwidth user name, advertise Sentinel-related communities, post links to stories, meta, songvids, screencaps, icons... anything at all Sentinel related, on Dreamwidth or off, is welcome here.

It's early days, so there's work still to be done, but one of the first things I aim to do is make a list of links to all TS communities at Dreamwidth, so that we can all find each other.

Feel free to chip in in the meantime, to say hello and tell us who you are!


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