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I know that anyone following this comm almost certainly knows about this, but first of all, the TS Reverse Bang has just finished.

Reverse Bang 2012 Master List.

Secondly, I will be reccing TS at [community profile] fanart_recs in June. I'm just going to go with the minimum four recs, to give me or any other DW TS fans (hint) plenty of options for another go.
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Helvetica has given me permission to announce her new website, which features
art for The Sentinel, Oz, and some original work. Helvetica's art includes
hand-drawn works, manipulations and a couple of vids, and is quite gorgeous.
Thanks are owed to Elaine for hosting her and helping with the set-up.

Enjoy. :-)
mab_browne: Pencil art by Helvetica of Jim and Blair just about to kiss.   From my story 'A Tale of Fortuna'. (Fortuna J/B)
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These are art links that I've collected on Live Journal and I thought that they might fill in a gap here. They go various places over the internet, and feature art of the drawn and painted variety as opposed to manipulations.
Links to TS art )
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Here's the link to A Tale of Fortuna, the story and art collaboration which Helvetica and I did for Moonridge 2009.

J/B slash, 20,300 words, fantasy AU, mature rated for possibly disturbing (but brief) violence and for sexual content. The link goes to the index page, and please note the warnings on some items relating to spoilers.

Over the next day or so I will archive my story on 852 and ASR3 etc, with links back to my website for the art which, as anyone familiar with Helvetica's work will know, is absolutely luscious. :-)


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