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Over at [community profile] multikinkmemes, we have a Sentinel post with sixty slash, het and gen prompts waiting for you to fill or add more prompts.

If you've never participated in a kink meme be sure to read the comm rules and follow them. In order to be inclusive kinks are pretty broad. There's hard core kinks but mildly sexual prompts like kissing or romance are fine. Narrative tropes are also included like mpreg, h/c, amnesia, kidfic, etc. Basically, anything that you define as a story kink that you enjoy is acceptable. That way gen folks can play too.

You don't need a DW account to join in. Just post anonymously (or sign your comment if you want to claim your fill rather than leave it anonymous). There's no length requirement or deadline. So drop in whenever, drop off or pick up a prompt and post a fill whenever you're done. You can even post your own prompt and fill it yourself if none of the others appeal to you.

So come check us out, read the rules, and see if you want to play too. Readers and commenters are just as important as writers to make this a fun fandom experience!

Just a reminder because I know you'll read the rules, right? There's no kink shaming allowed in the comm or you'll be banned. If something's not to your taste, pass on by. There's bound to be something else that suits you better.
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