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Well, at last the 30 days of exclusivity for our Moonridge donators is over, and Panik and I have been able to post our new, previously unseen, collaborative story at AO3.

You can find Decimated here: 


It is slash and contains violence. Please do note the tags, which should serve as warnings in themselves, and please note that the subject matter may be upsetting for some. Panik and I are lovers of twisted angst, and this fic is pretty much angst squared. Read, therefore, at your own risk!
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For anyone reading who's not familiar with the Fan Cake rec comm, Merlin has been busy there recently.

FanCake TS tags
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I have a new website. It's up to date with all my stories and fandoms, down to the last drabble (of which there are a few).

Elaine set this up for me, using the e-fic software. That means that you can search and sort within the site to find what you're looking for. The print on the front pages is a little small in some resolutions, but the text is bigger inside the story files themselves, and there is always the zoom function if needed. Thank you to Elaine for the hard work involved here, and to ElmyraEmilie for the pretty banner.

Elaine will put redirection messages on my old site, and it will come down in a day or two. Please change your bookmarks. I'm announcing this everywhere, so I'll offer apologies to those of you who will have their TS hangouts well and truly spammed.
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Here's the link to A Tale of Fortuna, the story and art collaboration which Helvetica and I did for Moonridge 2009.

J/B slash, 20,300 words, fantasy AU, mature rated for possibly disturbing (but brief) violence and for sexual content. The link goes to the index page, and please note the warnings on some items relating to spoilers.

Over the next day or so I will archive my story on 852 and ASR3 etc, with links back to my website for the art which, as anyone familiar with Helvetica's work will know, is absolutely luscious. :-)
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I set up a DW account some time ago but then didn't really use it much. I wandered over this week and thought I'd take another look around and do some posting -- and found this comm. I thought I'd stop by and wave hi to everyone!

I just posted a long portion of a new story on my DW journal. It's a WIP but is going to be updated regularly and soon. (Hope story notices are okay in this comm.)

Title: "Sentinel for Sale"
Genre: slash J/B, J/other
Rating: NC-17, bdsm
Word count: @ 13,000
Summary: Jim's senses come online but he doesn't meet Blair. The senses cause Jim so much pain that he finds an unusual way to deal with them.

Sentinel For Sale
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Who: JustJeanette
Where: LJ, DW, FFN, BrothersInArms, MTCA, Ashwinder, HP Fictionally
What: Fic, Filk and other silliness
Why: The Sentinel, Due Suuth, NCIS, Harry Potter, Supernatural. I also commit crossovers.
When: Ever I get attacked by plot bunnies
How: I read therefore I also write. Also, unlike many of my favorite authors I can not write anywhere near as fast as I can read; hence the mulitple fandoms.

Sentinel Fic I have written:
Trapped in Time Blair is trapped in a moment in time. (gen)

Going Home Alternate ending for TSbyBS. WARNING: Death of a major character. (gen)

The Gabriel Tales (gen)

The hard part of a miracle

Be grateful for your Guide.

Kiss Getting kidnapped is as good an excuse as any to kiss. (slash)
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Hi, I have a new gen fic at my journal: Snow in July. Written for the Sentinel Angst list. Summary: Blair's anger drives Jim to the brink of death, and Blair's forced to choose between being Jim's Guide and his anger. Warning for language, but gen.
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So! Since I set this up I'll get the ball rolling with a hello.

Sentinel-fan since approx 2001, writer of fanfic (gen and slash) since 2003, compulsive blogger on LiveJournal since 2004, and hoping to get just as involved over here, if not more. I use the same user-name everywhere. Feel free to subscribe to my DW, and I'll most likely subscribe back.

I also have a fic journal on LJ, which I've copied over here to [personal profile] fluterbev_fic. I still have a lot of work to do making all the story links lead back to Dreamwidth, and also to consolidate all my multi-part fics into fewer parts for ease of reading. I just love the bigger posting limit at Dreamwidth!

Right then, over to you!


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