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Forwarded from various lists and Live Journal communities:

It's with much sadness, but a lot of pride in what's been accomplished, that the Light My Fire Awards committee announce the closing of the awards.

For the last six years, the LMFA have been a way for the Sentinel fandom to highlight and showcase the best the fandom has to offer in the way of stories, art, vids, and resources. Hundreds -- thousands -- of fanworks have been nominated over the years and the fandom has voted to honor those it felt were worthy.

We're very proud that a newbie to the fandom is often pointed at our archives as an excellent place to find good fic. We're very proud of being part of a fandom that's still, years after the show ended, going strong.

The LMFA website will remain in place. If it becomes necessary to move it, we'll let everyone know the new URL.

The LMFA extends sincere and heartfelt congratulations to all current and past nominees and winners and its thanks to those who've served on the committee in the past, and those in the fandom who've nominated and voted and kept the LMFA alive.
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